Changes regarding the NoX-rank

Liebe Community, aufgrund einer Neu-Strukturierung der Website und damit des Forums wird ab heute 15.02.2020 20:00 die Website, sowie das Forum, nicht erreichbar sein. Wir informieren euch sobald die Wartungsarbeiten abgeschlossen sind.

Dear Communitymembers,

starting at May 1st there are going to be some changes regarding the NoX-rank's assignment.

What are the changes?

The TeamSpeak-Server is synchronizing with our homepage since April 28th.

It connects your TeamSpeak-ID to your forumaccount.

For every user joining after May 1st, there will be some changes:

  1. Teammembers won't give you the NoX-rank after 3 months of activity on our server, this will now happen on our homepage.
  2. Your TeamSpeak-ID will always be synchronized and mirrored with the homepage.
  3. All standard ranks that you have will be copied between forums and our TeamSpeak.

Why are these changes happening?

Basically for three reasons.

  1. On February 1st, we finally remodeled and reworked our homepage, forums inclusive.
    Sadly, not many users were even logging in on our homepage, this is how we want it to change.
  2. We spent a lot of time and effort creating our website. This is happening mainly for you, the players.
    We want to be able to provide an even better experience, better support and more comfort, e.g. with our new ticketsystem.
  3. This change will also make things easier for our team.
    Whenever you wanted to request the NoX-rank, we had to laboriously ask either an Admin, Co-Owner or Holt.
    This way, we can give you a half-automatic solution.
    The only thing you'll have to request manually is a personal channel on our TeamSpeak.

So, how do i get the NoX-rank from now on?

You can get the rank when meeting these three conditions.
Which are as following:

  1. You have to register with your TeamSpeak-ID added
  2. Your account has to be at least 3 months old
  3. You have to create 10 useful or contributing posts in the forum.
    Hint: If you're spamming in the forums or not following the rules, you will be banned from the forums and on the TeamSpeak server.

What happens to TeamSpeak-IDs that had the rank before May 1st?

These IDs are most likely not linked to the forums, when you already registered with your ID beforehand and are therefore no longer having the rank, please visit our supportchannel on TeamSpeak or write a ticket with our ticketsystem.

The big disadvantage appears when losing youre Teamspeak-ID. For you, if regarding this problem: "How do i proceed when i dont have access to my TeamSpeak-ID anymore?".

So, how do i get my personal channel, now that i have my rank?

There are two options:

  1. On TeamSpeak, join the channel: "̯ Support | NoX-Rang | Anfrage" just over the rules.
  2. Over the ticketsystem on the website, in the toolbar.
    Create a ticket with the category
    "NoX-Rang - Channelanfrage".

How many identities can i link to my account?

You can only link one identity to your account.

More than more is not allowed and will not be tolerated


Are multiple account allowed on the homepage?

Multiple accounts, even smurfs, are not allowed and will be deleted upon sighting.

How do i link my TeamSpeak-ID to my account?

Step 1: Redirecting

  • As long as you dont have an ID linked, you'll see a mostly empty website.

    After only a few seconds, you'll be sent to the next site.

Step 2: Finding your TeamSpeak-ID

  • In TeamSpeak, search for your "Bookmarks" menu
  • In the dropdown-menu, click "Manage Bookmarks"
  • In the opening window, search for the "" entry.
    Hint: If there is no entry, create one.
    You only have to leave the Server-IP and the Default Channel as it is.
  • With a click on "Go Advanced", advanced settings will show.
    Hint: If you can't find the "Go Advanced" but you see "Go Basic", you're already there.


  • On the right side, you have to check and remember the name of your Identity which is entered under "Identity".

    In this example, the name will be "Kilian".
  • You can close this window now.

Step 3: Find your Unique ID

  • In TeamSpeak, click on "Tools", then on "Identities".
  • On the left side, search for the name of your identity, in my case "Kilian".
  • With a click on "Go advanced", you'll (again) show advanced settings.
    Hint (again): If you only find "Go Basic", you're already there.
  • The settings are now shown on the right.
    There you'll find "Unique ID", which you have to copy.
  • You can find the IDs of other users via "Contacts", we just censored ours in this example.

Step 4: Linking ID to website

  • In the browser again, you'll be sent to the site "Meine Teamspeak Identitäten"
  • Click on the button "Teamspeak Identität hinzufügen"
  • Copy your Unique ID in "Eindeutige ID".
  • In "Gerätenotiz", you can enter a small note for yourself, like 'phone' or 'laptop'
  • Click on button "Absenden"

Step 5: Verify Account

  • If you entered the right ID, you will get a message from a bot called "NoX | Website | Query", which looks as follows:
  • Translated it says: "Holt added this TeamSpeak 3 account to the website. Verify yourself with the code: 'your code' in the forum."
  • Copy the code at the end of the message, which is censored in this example.
  • Go back to the website.
  • In "Aktivierungscode", enter the code.
    It now should look like this:
  • Click on "Absenden" once again.
  • If you followed the conditions, you will get the rank assigned to you from a bot in about 1-2 minutes which will be synchronized.

How do i proceed when i dont have access to my TeamSpeak-ID anymore?

  • You can find the "Meine TeamSpeak Identitäten"-menu as follows:
  • Delete your saved ID through pressing the "X"-Symbol next to it.
  • Now start again from step 1, just like linking the first identity.

We hope that you like the new changes and that you'll get used to them quickly.

Kilian "xForced" Bade